What are the Best Things to Buy in Bermuda?

Want to discover a historical paradise on Earth? Then, a cruise trip to Bermuda to explore soft-hued cottages with turquoise water and rosy pink beaches is the answer. Not only do its diverse culture and picturesque settings make your surreal stay on the island even better, but a handful of quaint stores also let you pack a portion of it.

Wondering what to buy? Check out this list of 12 Bermuda souvenirs that you must bring home.

The 12 Best Things to Buy in Bermuda

While voyaging on a cruise ship can be entertaining, the best way to capture this moment is by collecting souvenirs. So, here is a list of things you can buy to make your cruise trip to Bermuda more memorable.

1. Rum Cake

Voyagers best cruise to Bermuda in the first place to taste delicious and succulent rum cakes. These freshly baked cakes come with an extended shelf life, making them ideal for gifting purposes.

2. Cedar Wood Products

Bermuda is home to Juniperus Bermudiana, a unique kind of cedar wood tree. This plant is recognized for its pleasant aroma and gorgeous red tint. Crafters here use its wood to prepare trinkets, furniture, incense sticks, and essential oils. Thus, it must be enlisted in the series of things to buy in Bermuda.

3. Glass Items

For those who immensely love glasswork, Bermuda is the place for you. You’ll find an extensive collection of beautifully colored and intricately carved glass items, including pitchers, statues, plates, jewelry, and more. Load some of them to decorate your home.

4. Bermuda Shorts

They were invented in Bermuda by the Royal Navy around the 20th century to cope with the exotic climate. Since then, these comfortable and colorful shorts have gained global popularity. Bundle some of these not only to beat the heat but also to stay in style.

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5. Clay and Ceramic Items

Want to beautify your home? Then, clay and ceramic items are one of the best things to buy in Bermuda. You can find plenty of galleries with in-house artisans to customize a unique pottery creation for you.

6. Fragrances

Being a land full of tropical flora and fauna, Bermuda lets you take home the earthy ocean aroma in a bottle. You will come across multiple local perfumeries at every corner here. Thus, don’t forget to get your hands on perfumes featuring scents of lilies, jasmine, sweet peas, and passion flowers.

7. Linen Items

Bermuda is a place of premium linen. Well-crafted linen-made tea towels, tablecloths, bun warmers, placemats, and even bed sheets can be found at budget-friendly prices. These are not only great for personal use but for gifting purposes as well.

8. Crystals

This place features crystal caves. While eye-witnessing the sheer beauty of the caves, you can discover shops nearby selling well-preserved authentic crystals. Grab some to decorate your home or office or make exquisitely designed ornaments.

9. Mexican Coffee

Travelers can also bag Mexican coffee beans on their cruise to Bermuda. This place owns some of the finest coffee beans. Cafes here offer a wide range of flavors so that you can pack some and brew a cup of perfection even at home.

10. Cuban Cigars

In 2016, the U.S. Treasury Department mollified restrictions on Cuban cigars. Hence, voyagers can now bring a few Cohibas and Cuban-oriented stogies back home from some renowned tobacconists of Bermuda.

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11. Handmade Sandals

There are a lot of sandal craftsmen who came to Bermuda a long way back and got settled in here. They handcraft sandals on-site, giving you custom-fit pairs. Make sure to visit their stores to observe their artistry up-front.

12. Gombe Dolls

Bermuda’s population is a diverse mix of African, Caribbean, British, and Native Americans. Knitted Gombey dolls act as relics to hold this manifold culture together. Thus, these are one of the best things to buy in Bermuda. They are widely available at local stores where you can witness the process of how these dolls are crafted from scratch.

Final Note

Gone are those days when you have to think about what to buy for your friends and family on your cruise. Get your hands on these enlisted souvenirs to treat yourself and your close ones to an authentic Bermudian experience. Make sure to visit cruisebooking.net to fetch the best deals on Bermuda cruises.